Stamp swap: Royal Mail gets modernised

In February, Royal Mail announced its move to barcoded stamps as part of the company’s ongoing ‘modernisation drive’.

The decision means that non-barcoded stamps remain valid to use until 31 January 2023.

Royal Mail are encouraging customers to ‘use-up’ old stamps before this date.

However, those who cannot do so can swap their non-barcoded stamps for the equivalent value of barcoded stamps by completing a Swap Out form.

Customers will need to enclose the non-barcoded stamps and post the form and the stamps to Royal Mail using a Freepost service – up to the value of £200.

Eligible stamps are the regular 1st and 2nd Class ‘everyday’ stamps featuring the profile of HM The Queen and those that show any other value.

Non-barcoded Christmas and other special stamps with pictures on continue to be valid for postage and should not be submitted for swap out. Customers only need to swap out the ‘everyday’ stamps featuring the profile of The Queen.

Stamps that have already been used for postage will not be accepted on the Swap Out scheme.

You can grab a form from this website or contact their team by telephone on 03457 740740 and request a form be posted to you.

You can also pick up a form in person by visiting one of more than 1,200 local delivery office Customer Service Points.

Customers wishing to swap stamps with a value of more than £200 will need to request and complete a Bulk Stamp Swap Out form.

Bulk Stamp Swap Out forms can be requested from here or by contacting Royal Mail’s Customer Experience team on 03457 740740.

Nick Landon, Royal Mail Chief Commercial Officer said: “As we move to this exciting new era of barcoded stamps, please check your kitchen drawers, wallets and purses for older non-barcoded stamps and make sure you use them up by 31 January 2023.

“If you can’t use them up by then we have set up a Swap Out scheme as a simple way to swap your old stamps for our new, digitally enabled, ones. Welcome to the new world of barcoded stamps. Download the Royal Mail App and try them out.”

For more detailed information, take a look at this page.

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