Staying Sane – Being Me

Staying Sane

Its not lockdown

Its who I am

Who I wannabee


Being Me

Not who others think I am

It’s hard being me

Am I a pretender

Or real


A woman in sheep’s clothes

Or a wolf in mens

Staying sane

Is never easy

When you are trans

Like me


A wannabee

Or a nearly bee

Both and neither

I am me


Me is the kernel

The core of who I am

Full of compassion

Full of giving


Sometimes wounded by life

With scars

But always, always

Full of smiles


The scars run deep

So do the laughter lines

In a face now older

Wiser…who knows?


Wisdom is never a gift

Its experience

About living

All the joys

And all the heartaches


Being Me

Is/was never about sanity

Its about living

Every day to the full


No regrets no anger

Gladness to be me

To live and to be

– Pauline Smith


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