Street and Parlour Games

Bouncing two balls against gable walls

Farmer’s in his den – picked as a hen

Go-kart given wings to fly – pie in sky

Hula hoops and Frisbee swoops

Icy slide made by kids caused many skids

Larger bag rattles if winning marble battles

Noisy fun with a cap-filled gun

Pattern swirling on whipped top whirring

Plank & crate, seesaw rides elate

Push a dolly in a trolley

Rip-raps on Bonfire Night give a fright

Roller Skates with extended plates

Rope for skipping or lamppost swinging

Hopscotch on flags wiped out with rags

Snowman dropped brush when turned to slush

Tick-and-you’re-it, scatter very quick

Tug of war between rival streets, using sheets

When lamplighter came, end of any game

Building a tent with chairs and a blanket

Cards played: Snap, Happy Families & Old Maid

Comics read with hilarity and glee

Drumming band with spoons and pans

Go to a nook with torch and a book

‘Hangman’ losses and noughts & crosses

‘I went to market’, alphabetically from A to Z

Knocking down rows of snaking dominoes

Musical Bumps and Simon says “jump”

Oranges & Lemons arch or Duke of York march

Painting clothes pegs – faces & legs

Piece under feet makes jigsaw complete

Quiet as a mouse under table playing house

Shake dice to GO for Snakes and Ladders or Ludo

String a cat’s cradle making shapes if able

Taking fares on the bus on the stairs

Uncle Mac on the Radio, we sing as we go

Using boxes from shops for theatrical props

By Rosemary Swift

Take a look at Rosemary’s childhood memories here.


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