Take up Tai Chi for your mind and body

The benefits of Tai Chi for older people are numerous. It is a low impact, relaxing form of exercise.

Tai Chi can relieve the physical effects of stress and help with arthritis pain too. It promotes deep breathing and improves lower body and leg strength, as well as being able to reduce blood pressure, and can make improvements to your bones and heart, along with improving balance and stability by strengthening ankles and knees, to help prevent falls and it even helps sleep problems.

It is performed by slowly, calmly moving and breathing through a series of movements which are collectively referred to as “the tai chi form.”

Pictured are participants at Age UK Tameside, where Tai Chi classes are held on a Friday, between 1.30pm and 2.30pm. Go along and give it a go – or find a class closer to home. The rewards will be plentiful!

Bob Alstonhttps://talkingaboutmygeneration.co.uk/author/bobtamg/
Tameside reporter, website and magazine designer and editor.


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