Taking strides on the road to recovery while raising money

Walking has become a popular pass time in lockdown and for Frances Provost, it became necessary to recover from a severe stroke – and also an opportunity to fundraise.

The 78-year-old has already walked the equivalent of two marathons in her garden and is now completing another one for Southwell Minster Choral Association.

After having a stroke, Frances paralysed on her left side and was rushed to Salford Royal Hospital where an urgent lifesaving surgery was performed. As part of her recovery, she started to walk in the garden and realised she could be exercising for herself and raise money too.

Frances from Hale has been performing since she was nine and loved to dance and sing, so decided to raise funds for Southwell Minster Choral Association. To date, Frances has raised £3250 towards the education of the young choristers.

She has been supported with her fundraising efforts by her husband Ian, who measured the garden, calculating that Frances would have to do 2396 laps to perform a marathon.

Sometimes Frances can only do 5 laps in a day, but on a good day, she has done many more with a record of 40 laps.

Frances said: “I like to be on the go all the time, I have fallen a couple of times when walking due to the increased difficulty after the stroke to maintain balance. I also get tired and it can be hard going. But I do keep going.”

Since her stroke, Frances has had to relearn certain skills like writing, walking, and sewing, and singing has been more challenging as she must strengthen her diaphragm again.

She added: “My grandchildren are having to wait a bit longer for their sweaters now, but I am glad I am back sewing. And singing makes me feel very good, relaxed and I sleep better.”

If you would like to support Frances go to http://francesprovost-fundraising.co.uk


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