The Queen’s Award for MyGen in Our Place

Three years ago in June 2019

a group of 12 older volunteer reporters under the guidance of

Grace and Kirsty

started reporting events and stories

that affect older people

across the ten boroughs

Our Place


This June 2nd 2022 The

MyGen team now 23 older reporters

led by

Grace, Kirsty and Jodie

had their achievements recognised


The Queen’s Award for Voluntary Services


Special people made this happen

Talking About My Generation

Oldies and Goodies

Producing “The Record”

for 1 million older people

In Our Place


We are all Young at Heart

Full of compassionand joy

27 reporters with talents and skills

Photographers and Poets

Interviewers, podcasters and writers

DJs,footballers, cyclists and walkers

A cornucopia, a Living Library

In Our Place


We serve the ten boroughs

In Our Place

With energy and love

Led by Grace, Kirsty and Jodie

Three wonderful women

Young in Our Place


Talking About My Generation

Are our 4 watchwords

My Gen tells you stories

offers news and

Nostalgia a plenty

Across the ten boroughs

In Our Place


All 12 of originals (OGs) are Young at Heart

Bob, Carole, Christine and Chris

Jean, Karen and Lesley

Mike, Paul and Pauline

Tony and me

Bringing you The Record

and frequent articles and links

Online and in print

For all in Our Place


The 11 new reporters have added

their different skills to the OGs

Bernard, Brian, David and Dorretta

Erica, Gill, Joy, and Jamil

Mark, Elaine, Alan

All Young at Heart


fresh ideas and perspectives

to MyGen in Our Place


Our happy band,

our team at MyGen

does this for You

Our readers across Our Place

We reach out with photos and words

With stories about all of us….

Oldies…1 million of us..Young at Heart

In Our Place


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