Thick and Thin

You can’t choose your family, there’s nothing you can do,

But choosing your friends, that’s up to you.

The special ones who stay by your side,

You call them family and you say it with pride.

They may not have the same DNA,

But why let some initials get in the way.

A bond is a bond and can never be broken,

The love you share is a special token.

A friend can become family and definitely fit in,

They’ll always be there, through thick and thin.

by Debbie Williams


  1. A friend is a friend for life, not someone who will dip in and out if your life when the going gets tough.
    A friend has a wet shoulder, someone who has mopped up all your tears. someone who is on your wave length and tuned into your station.
    A friend is someone who will tell you the truth, whether you are right or wrong.
    A friend is someone you can love, cherish and respect.
    So Paul my husband I choose you. xx


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