Thoughts on Conservative MP Christian Wakeford defecting to Labour

Dear Editor,

With regard to the Conservative MP, Christian Wakeford, defecting to Labour, when he was a whip in the Tony Blair administration Baroness Armstrong would sit down with newly elected MPs and tell them: ‘No matter how wonderful or talented you may think yourself you have been voted in on a Labour ticket.’

Wakeford, the first Conservative to cross the floor to Labour in fifteen years, was voted in as a ‘red wall’ MP espousing the Tory manifesto.

It seems plain wrong to my mind that MPs of any political stripe are allowed to just ‘cross the floor’ without sparking a by-election so that voters affected can have their say.

On BBC News, a constituent voiced his anxiety: ‘What’s the point of voting for the Conservatives if he just jumps ship?’

Yours sincerely,

Chris Vickers


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