Three Steps to Heaven – In Our Place


There are only three steps to heaven

sang Eddie Cochran long ago

when we were young


We are now only

a few steps away

to having contact and touch


What are your 3 steps

to living again

in our post Covid world


A year since lockdown began

I have my own three

wishes and hopes


None of these on Zoom

or the phone

all face to face


Seeing my family

smiling with joy

and hugging them


Meeting my friends

for a coffee or a brew

dinner with a glass of wine


Chattering and smiling

no masks

seeing the smiles


Family and friends

are the threads running

seamlessly through our lives


Won’t it be wonderful

to have back

those threads


Be with those we love

and our dearest friends



As the crocuses sprout

and new life begins

hope springs

In Our Place


Pauline Smith


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