Top holiday destinations post-pandemic

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Deciding where to go on holiday as you advance in years can sometimes feel like an exercise in self-denial. As one gets older, it can be natural to think that certain places are “out”. Clubbing in Ibiza? That’s for the younger generations. An activity break in Costa Rica? Probably would have loved it 20 years ago, but not for me now. That’s how we can start to think about travel as we get older, and if you start to rule places out for age reasons, before you know it you won’t be going any further than the end of the road.

In fairness, some holiday destinations attract a younger crowd and will be more enjoyable to that cohort. They’re mostly the ones where sleep is considered an optional extra, so we’ll focus here on places that – if anything – get more enjoyable as we get older. Below are some of the most age-friendly destinations the world has to offer.


While the coastline of neighboring Spain is celebrated as an ex-pat getaway for English speakers young and old, Portugal is a quieter and more sedate option, and one which has a lot to recommend it as a holiday hotspot. The capital, Lisbon, is one of the most scenic capitals in all of Europe, and destinations like Braga and Porto in the North offer superby diversity of landscape. This is also one of the most affordable countries in Western Europe, which makes dining out a joy that you can indulge in time and again.

The UK

You don’t need to go too far away from home to enjoy a high-quality holiday, and there are definite advantages to being in the UK for certain older travellers, especially those with live-in-care needs. Have you been all over the three nations of Great Britain, and nipped across the Irish Sea to see all that Northern Ireland has to offer? Even if you have, there are bound to be bits you’d like to see again. Edinburgh’s magnificent backdrop, with a castle overlooking the city centre, or the sheer magic of the Peak District with its winding roads and picturesque villages, are a couple of ideal examples of UK destinations.


Advancing years don’t need to mean that you stick to the tried and trusted, and anyone with a taste for something different could do a lot worse than take the trip to Jordan. There is an age-specific reason for this inclusion, in all honesty: bathing in the Dead Sea has been shown to have positive effects on health including skin conditions and chronic pain. One of the more Westernised countries in the region, Jordan won’t present much of a culture shock, and hotels and transport are affordable, comfortable and easy to find – although English is widely spoken should you need to seek help.

The above countries are three – fairly differing – options for possible holiday breaks that will suit older travellers; there are certainly others that may interest you. If you’re looking for options that will suit your pocket and your lifestyle, these are three excellent options.


DISCLAIMER: This article contains affiliate links 



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