Our Talking about My Generation Top of the Pops with Chris Vickers

You have probably already guessed it but our newsroom is filled with music fans, so we now have our very own Top of the Pops series.

Sharing the tracks of his years this week is our Salford reporter, Chris Vickers.

We would love to know what would make your ultimate Top of the Pops. Send us your top ten tracks and we will publish them at [email protected]

Chris’ Top Ten:

1. Nessun Dorma, Pavarotti
Images of Pele at Italia ’90 with Fat Lucy singing this in the background. OMG!

2. Let’s Get It On, Marvin Gaye
Surely the sexiest song EVER.

3.What A Beautiful World, Louis Armstrong
I guess with the pandemic this resonates a bit more.

4. Starry Starry Night, Don McLean
A gorgeous tribute to the agonised artist in us all! Loved it when musicologists analysed the meaning of McLean’s bigger hit American Pie and when asked himself, he replied ‘it means I’ll never have to work again’.

5. Thunder Road, Bruce Springsteen
What an intro…’a screen door slams’…’Roy Orbison sings only the lonely’…’you’re no beauty but you’re ok’ Late love, second chances. Sooo good.

6. Mrs Robinson, Simon & Garfunkel
They were the soundtrack to my life. From folk to The Graduate soundtrack to world music. Wonderful movie, Hoffman’s debut, Alpha Romeo Spyder…

7. Do What You Gotta Do, The Four Tops
I thought Levi Stubbs voice was great and this is about a girl out of his league realising she’s going away but praying she might return…’come back see me when you can’.

8. She Loves You, The Beatles
I remember the whole family around a tiny black & white TV as the Fab Four took the country by storm. The excitement was palpable.

9. A Hard Rains A-Gonna Fall, Bob Dylan
Impossible to leave the poet of pop out.

10. Love Yourself, Justin Bieber
Steve Wright plays this a lot and I just love it. The bad boy’s got some talent and I sing this full blast with my 13-year-old granddaughter.


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