Volunteer at Covid-19 vaccination pilot in Wythenshawe gets the jab

Bury reporter, David McLechnan, shares an update following an unexpected opportunity to receive the COVID-19 vaccine:

“I am a volunteer with MACC and they’ve been sending regular newsletters seeking help for various projects this year, mainly COVID-19 related such as food deliveries and helping with residents affected by mental health challenges.

“They were seeking volunteers for the three-day Covid vaccination pilot in Wythenshawe this week, so I signed myself up to help.

“It was an emotional day, with primarily very old people who have been shielding since March who, for a few, were taking their first trip outside of their homes since the pandemic hit. It was energising to reassure them and help with the process.

“The system was very well coordinated with minimal waiting – mainly I was showing them to an available pod situated in a sports hall.

“Towards the end of the afternoon, it looked like there would be a few excess vials so a couple of the volunteers asked if they could be jabbed. So, to my surprise, I ended up being vaccinated. I am really happy, and don’t have any concerns so it’s good news from me!”

More vaccination hubs will be set up in the coming weeks as more people will be invited to get their vaccine.

People are advised to wait for an invite when it is their turn and should not contact their GP to ask for it sooner.


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