Volunteers needed: Become a rock radio DJ from your own home

Greater Manchester Rock Radio, the online community radio station, is looking for new volunteers; from presenters and writers to researchers and people to cover community stories or issues.

Tony Charles started the station back in November 2018 with some friends, after a long break from his previous career working on BBC radio programmes with the likes of Bruce Dickinson, lead singer of Iron Maiden, and the distinguished DJ John Peel.

And he says and all you need is the passion to try something new, whether you are living in Greater Manchester or not, and all volunteers will be fully trained and supported by the team.

Tony said: “Everybody’s welcome, especially those who are at a certain age. Perhaps they wanted to be a presenter or get into radio when they were younger and thought the opportunity has gone by. But it hasn’t because they can come and help us and gain the skills that they wanted 30 or 40 years ago!

“Once you get past 50 you don’t have to sit in the corner and shrivel up- there are loads of things you can learn. Anyone can join and we’ll train them up. It’s an open-door policy.”

The station, which is run entirely by volunteers and is produced from their own homes, plays a mix of both classic rock tracks as well as new upcoming rock bands and currently has 13 volunteers on-board who create a variety of shows, which are streamed on the radio website.

Terry Flynn has been volunteering for the station since early 2019 and produces a monthly show called ‘Spaced Out Sunday’ that plays space rock and electronic synth music.

He said: “I started out doing DJ sets in the 1970s and I actually still run a monthly live rock night in central Manchester.

“I just enjoy playing music and I want to get the music out there so that more people can appreciate it, and also it’s great fun. Everybody does it from home and everyone does it in different ways too.

“The basic tool is a laptop. But as far as experience goes you don’t really need any as such. Providing you’ve got an interest in music or the ability to introduce music, the experience comes, and the more you do the better you get at it.”

The station also periodically runs free radio broadcasting courses, which take place in small numbers in Tameside (and will restart after lockdown), although keen volunteers are not obliged to attend these.

Internet radio is broadcast online, using wi-fi instead of an aerial and can be accessed via a computer or laptop, on a phone or tablet, or on a smart TV or speaker. Internet stations can be accessed by anyone in the world provided they have a suitable internet connection.

You can ‘tune into’ the station or find out more about their courses and volunteering here.

Alternatively, you can email the station directly to express your interest: [email protected]


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