We can all help to protect our NHS

Dear editor,

Re: Trade Talks taking place with the US now.

This is something that affects us all, and could have a seriously detrimental impact on this country for years to come.  Whatever you vote at election time this will affect you, but we can all work to stop it happening.

Not in the news at all, but the government is currently in trade talks with the US.  I attended a webinar this week by a group called We Own It – who work to stop creeping privatisation of our public services.  As a retired NHS nurse, what they told me made my blood run cold.

If this deal goes through it could be disastrous for our NHS, leaving the way open for private businesses to sue the NHS, for the NHS to be more and more open to privatisation and in a way that would be irreversible without huge legal battles with US multi-corporations.

I would urge TAMG readers to learn more on the We Own It website, and to consider using this toolkit to encourage your MP, of whatever persuasion, to take action to protect our NHS. This brief from Trade Justice gives you full facts to give to your MP.


Lesley Downing. RMN, RGN.


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