What If God Were One Of Us?

We all have our own idea of what God might be like, but what if he’s just some poor guy working a typical 9-5 office job, trying his best to get through the day?

What If God Were One Of Us?

Late again, but uncaring and weary,

The day just beginning, yet his outlook so dreary.

Turning on his computer, he slumped in despair,

Hundreds of new emails, prayer after prayer.

Day after day and week after week,

His inbox grew larger and his outlook turned bleak.

Humans are selfish, always wanting the same,

Greed and power and fortune and fame.

Some pray for money, others for sex,

Some pray for things that you’d never expect.

“Dearest God, I’m not sure if you’re there,

But if you are please, please answer this prayer”.

Each and every email he took on the chin,

Whatever his response, he just couldn’t win.

When he said no, the outcome was bad,

“God just doesn’t care”, nothing made him so mad!

But when he said yes, people called it a fluke,

“God isn’t real, you must be a kook.”

His eyelids drooping, he was desperate for rest,

For life, he had lost his once great zest.

His last day off seemed a lifetime away,

Cooped up in this office, day after day.

ENOUGH! He thought, it has to be said:

“I give up. Done. I’m off, back to bed.”

But prayers don’t just stop, how would he amend?

For every incoming, a reply should be penned.

“EUREKA! I’ve got it! An end to my stress,

Every new email would be met with a yes”.

Mankind would be happy and he would be free,

And it’s 24 hours, how bad could it be?

He set that up and was off, out the door,

Tomorrow he’d be back, but for today, no more.

Perhaps just exhausted, or caught up in his day,

But he failed to notice the sky turning grey.

In this world there is goodness and those who are kind,

But always beware, evil is never far behind.

Tomorrow will show he deserves all he got,

For you never know who is praying for what.


  1. Great pros Andrea and well versed! God is always there, you may not always recognise it and you may need a lot of patience, but your prayers are always listened to. Evil will always test your resilience and faith.


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