What is being done locally to tackle malnutrition in ageing?

It’s Nutrition and Hydration Week – celebrating how eating and drinking well is a fundamental part of good health and well-being.

It’s hard to believe it, but malnutrition is common in the older population, with over one million people in the UK affected.

Poor diet and resulting malnutrition and dehydration are not personal choices, however, the good news is, they are avoidable and treatable.

Age UK Salford has been an integral part of the Malnutrition Taskforce in Salford for over seven years now.

Through various partnerships working in Salford and across Greater Manchester, 40,000 older adults have been reached through raising awareness and making information and advice easily accessible.

A simple tool, the PaperWeight Armband, shows immediately if a person has a low body mass index and is used by health and social care professionals, carers, family members and volunteers.

Since the introduction of the armband, the AgeUK Salford website reports a reduction in hospital admissions and a reduction in expenditure on oral nutritional supplements of over £300,000 in 3 years.

Increasing direct access to knowledge and advice about the importance of maintaining a healthy diet has played a key part. Lunch and Learn sessions enable specialists such as dietitians to interact socially combining health messages over lunch.

Did you know you can look out and listen to the signs of malnutrition in someone older that you know, love or care for? Intervening quickly can save lives and improve the quality of life.

You can use this week to have conversations about eating and drinking well, memories about favourite childhood foods or play food-related games such as food bingo or food for thought with people that you are in contact with.

We have plenty of tasty recipes from local people over on our What’s for Tea? page.

Find out more here about good nutrition and hydration and the continuing work in Salford, Trafford, Bury and Bolton.


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