Wildlife Walks: What have you spotted when you have been out and about?

We love a good walk at Talking About My Generation and love seeing your photos of your wildlife walks – so keep them coming and let us know what you have spotted when you are out and about?

Here our resident wildlife photographer, Jean, shares her knowledge to get you started.

She said: “Our local parks have been a godsend for many during the covid pandemic.  Not only are they places for a bit of gentle or not so gentle exercise, they are places where can learn a lot about local history and start to learn about natural history.

“Parks with a lake or a pond are great place to start bird watching. Greater Manchester parks can have some surprising species.  Ring-Necked Parakeets are now a common sight in a few places.  Their loud swark can give their presence away. There are a few heronries on islands on park lakes. Grey herons can be very difficult to spot,  Their ability to stay stock still and their colouring help them to blend into the background.  Even at this time of year when they are preparing their nests and starting to court, they are easily missed in the treetops.

“The chicks of Moorhens and Coots won’t be around until at least April but they are a delight to see looking like a tiny wind sock-covered microphone.