5 Ways to Join a Gardening Community Near You

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If you have a more modest outside space or would prefer to turn gardening into a social activity, why not join a community? There are several different types of gardening groups you can join, and it’s the perfect time of year for it. Embrace the outdoors and meet some new friends. There are plenty of wellness benefits of gardening and it’s a very satisfying hobby to get into. Here are a few ways to join a gardening community near you.

Find a local gardening group

You can find a local gardening group online. There are several in most towns and communities, so you should be able to find something that works for you. These are divided into different categories. For example, you could join a flower arranging group, community kitchen garden, horticultural society, handicrafts and arts society, and more. Browse online to find something that aligns with your interests.

At a retirement village

Retirement villages often have gardening clubs that residents can join. If you’re considering downsizing to a retirement village this could be one of the perks. Check out the amenities at ERL Retirement Villages, for instance. You’d be sharing beautiful grounds and get to spend plenty of time outdoors in the community. Gardening is a popular activity at retirement villages because it is so beneficial for your wellbeing. It’s very therapeutic and satisfying, plus you have the opportunity to meet people.

Online gardening communities

There are also indoor options. If you would like to brush up your skills or study a bit more about horticulture first, you could try online gardening courses and virtual tours. There are also several online groups and forums you can find to discuss tips and tricks with fellow gardeners. It’s a great way to get advice about gardening and to share your experiences as well.

Urban foraging group

Not quite the same as planting your own crops, but you could also join an urban foraging group. There are plenty of groups that go for wildlife walks and forage for their own herbs, fruits, and vegetables. It’s important to point out, however, that this type of foraging can be illegal depending on where you go and what you pick. If you stick to public land you’ll probably be fine, but it’s a good idea to brush up on the law first. Foraging is a fun way to learn about native plants and you’ll be surprised by the variety you can find, even in urban areas.

Volunteer at a city care farm

If you would like to do your bit for the local community you could volunteer at a care farm. These are normally set up for therapeutic purposes, seen as gardening is now considered a mindfulness activity. You won’t necessarily need gardening experience but if you do you can share your wisdom with others. If you’re interested in helping people in the local community grow their own, here is some more info. It’s a fantastic way to meet people and a very rewarding job.


DISCLAIMER: The links included in this article are ads. 



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