Making your house a home

Many people might agree that their house often feels like a place to eat, sleep, and repeat. We can often neglect our space and simply use it as a place to rest as opposed to a place to retreat. But, our space where we relax should feel like an inviting place to recuperate, and most importantly, call home. Although you may have lived in your property for years, it may often feel neglected or non-inviting. If you are looking to make your house feel more like a home, a big warm hug, and a place to feel relaxed and safe, here’s how.

Add some comfort

The home is a place to go to when you are feeling any kind of emotion. It is especially a place we like to be when we are tired and want some comfort. You may find it hard to find comfort in a home that lacks comfort and soft furnishings. Thus, add more soft furnishings and comfort treats to make your home feel more inviting and cozy. 

It could be as simple as adding hotel quality bed linens to the bedrooms and soft cushions to the sofa to make your resting places more comfortable. Comforting finishing touches will enhance your home’s warmth and encourage you to stay and rest longer. Uncomfortable houses do not often feel like a home. To change that, add some warmth and comfort. You spend a lot of time in your home, so treat yourself and make more use of its purpose.

Utilize the dining area

Whether you use the dining area to host guests for Sunday lunch or to work from, you should utilize the space and make it more inviting. The dining area and living room are spaces that you typically host guests or spend time with the family. 

If you find that you, your partner, or whoever lives with you in the house does not eat together often, it may be due to a lack of using the dining room for its key purpose. The dining room’s purpose refers to its name, it is a place to dine. Therefore, use it for that. 

Clear the table, add some centerpieces, and layout the tablemats to encourage everyone in the home to dine together more often. Chatting and catching up over dinner is a lovely way to spend more time with your loved ones and make the house feel more like home.

Use a signature scent

Everyone’s home is unique and should represent them, their memories, and their personality. If a particular scent reminds you of home, your current or childhood home, then you could use it around the house to enhance the homely feel. 

You could add candles around the home or a diffuser. Diffusers are a way great to ensure the home always smells fresh and homely. They will omit scent every so often to fill the home with your chosen fragrance. 

Add some life with plants

Bring your home alive with plants. Plants add freshness to the home as well as make a room more inviting. You might agree that when you enter someone’s house and they have fresh flowers in the windows or on the table, you feel more welcome and relaxed. 

Particular plants can increase air circulation and make the home feel and smell fresher. Green plants are especially good at improving the air quality in the home. They take in the moisture in the air, which can sometimes cause rooms to feel a bit humid. Then instead, the air is left feeling fresh and breathable. Succulents often soak up the bad odors too, which is ideal for kitchens and bathrooms. 

Display photos

Family photos or cherished mementos are a great way to add personality and history to your home, which can increase the feeling of comfort and safety. 

You could display photos in the rooms where you typically socialize with those in the house or guests. The living room, dining room, and kitchen are often spaces in the home where people gather. Find some space on the wall to display your favorite memories and photos. These can inspire you, bring back memories, and add some comfort to the home.

Layers and texture

Soft furnishings do not stop at cushions and bedding, you can use rugs and blankets too. To increase the warmth and comfort feeling of your house, to make it feel more like home, you could add layers. These layers could consist of different textures to enhance its warmth and coziness. 

For instance, in the living room, you could add a flat rug. Then to the sofa, you can add a fluffy throw or blanket. The layers and different textures will make the room feel more inviting. If you utilize this interior design idea in most rooms, the entire home will feel more inviting and cozy.

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