Creative ways to stay entertained at home

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It’s the end of a long day, and you’re all alone at home. Suddenly, that feeling of dread sets in as you realise there is nothing to do. But wait! There are plenty of ways to keep yourself entertained without spending any money or leaving your house (unless you want to). Check out these creative things to do when bored at home:

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DIY a Project

Create something new by crafting your project. Whether it’s a quilt, garden bed or furniture design, there are so many possibilities for DIY projects that you can do on the fly. Also, it’s a great option if you want to work at an off-site location like Starbucks.

The next time you’re at home and need something to do, make it a DIY project. You never know what creative ideas your mind will come up with.

Here are some examples of DIY projects you can do:

-Create a garden bed by planting flowers or vegetables in any shape, pattern or design that suits your needs. Not only is this fun for kids to get their hands dirty and help out with the family garden, but it’s also educational! Kids will learn about shapes, colours, and the different ways flowers can grow.

-Make a quilt by cutting out squares of fabric that you like and sewing them together by batting between each layer. You can make your quilts as large or small as you want to fit any space in your home. Quilts are not just useful for the winter or to keep you warm; you can also use them as an accent piece in your living room.

-Create a jewellery holder out of scraps from old clothing and shoe boxes lying around the house. There is no need to buy anything new! This project will take some time, but it’s worth it. Personalise your jewellery holder by painting the outside or embossing it with words using a glue gun like that from Glue Guns Direct and you’ll have an adorable piece of furniture to keep all of your most prized items in one place.

Paint Your Walls 

This is one of the most inexpensive and easy ways to make your house look better, especially if you’re bored at home.  It’s also an opportunity for some creative expression!

Painting has a way of making any room feel more alive. It can be as simple or complicated as you want it to be – you can mix colours, shades, and textures in any way you want.  And if you’re not sure what to do with the spaces between furniture or doors, a little paint goes a long way!

Some ideas for painting your walls: use stencils on one wall (you may have some from craft time!), mix colours together like an artist, or paint a beautiful mural in your bedroom.

Start Gardening 

Try your hand at gardening. Plant some flowers, herbs, or vegetables in pots. It can be a great way to get outside and enjoy the outdoors. Try new things like heirloom tomatoes, pesto basil, rosemary lavender – you might find that you love gardening more than you thought!

The garden will not only provide some excellent opportunities for creativity but can also be a great way to get outside and enjoy time with friends. Besides, gardening is an excellent hobby that you can do solo or collaborate with others.

Write Home Blogs

Blogging is a great way to express yourself and stay connected with the world. More importantly, blogging provides you with an outlet for creative expression by publishing your work online. It can also just be plain fun! 

If you’re feeling bored at home but don’t want to get up and do anything tiresome, try blogging about your day-to-day life, your thoughts and feelings about a recent event or just write an article to share with others. 

What is the best thing you’ve done today? Why do people text in public when there is no one around them? What are some of your favourite foods? These can all be topics for blog posts. An example may include: “I made a new recipe, and it tastes so good!”

Besides, writing is an excellent way to engage your mind, so you have a sense of purpose.


The creative things to do when bored at home listed in this article will hopefully keep you from having any more days where you feel like there’s nothing left to do. If none of these ideas work for your situation, then try creating something on your own! Hopefully, one of these ideas will be fun for you.


Please note: this article contains marketing affiliate links




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