Letter: “Bah Humbug on Covid Christmas”

Bury reporter Lesley Downing shares her views on Christmas…what do you think? Share your views by emailing [email protected]

We’ve been having a think about Christmas.  And we have come to the conclusion that we don’t actually want to gamble this Christmas against all future Christmases.

We were going to have family round, people we haven’t seen for months, people we love and miss desperately.  But we don’t want to kill any of them(contrary to accepted Christmas myths).  Nor do we want to give them an illness that could affect them for months, or possibly the rest of their lives.

Nor do we want to die ourselves, particularly not over the Turkey.

Nor do we want to ruin Christmas forever more.

So we’ve decided we’re keeping to ourselves, zooming and possibly exchanging presents in the garden or the park.  We are not going to sit in an enclosed space, for several hours with potential bringers of death and destruction.  That is not what we want for Christmas, this year or any other.

Is ONE day of over-eating, over-drinking and over-worrying worth anyone’s life, or every other Christmas?  Whatever Christmas 2020 will be it won’t be a normal one.  Let it go this year.  Think of all the years to come.  Let your absence be your gift this year.

Wishing you all a very safe, healthy and peaceful Christmas.


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