Spring has sprung at Langworthy Community Garden

An update from Chris Barnes, lead organiser and volunteer at Langworthy Community Garden – a new green space in Salford that allows locals to enjoy nature and try something new.

Winter is the time of the year when Mother Nature goes into hibernation; indeed that is derivation of the word from Latin for “Winter”. Unfortunately, it is also the time when many volunteers, apart from the dedicated and perhaps the few cold-proof stalwarts, go into hibernation too!

Winter is the best time of the year to undertake the planning and construction of structures such as planters, decking and general garden layout in the expectation of Spring being “sprung”.

By late Winter/early Spring, the vegetable planters had be made, seed potatoes, carrots, cauliflowers, garlic, onions, beans and strawberries had been planted at the recommended times, roses pruned etc.

Check out our video of the garden below.

Thank Heavens for the gardening books brought as Christmas presents by my partner – made a change from socks and underwear! You see, as a gardening ignoramus, my philosophy to gardening has always been this: plant it and if it grows, success!

The decking has been completed. Most of the boards were given by a neighbour; extra planks and a frame had to be bought. As we are a self-funding organisation, monies were raised through car-boot sales and we also made use of recycled wood and palettes: the steps are two palettes covered with decking planks.

Many thanks to my partner for its construction – the biggest DIY project ever that he has undertaken and “correcting” issues caused by well-meaning volunteers!

The safety rail was painted by stalwart volunteer, Pam, who comes out whatever the weather and just gets on with the tasks for which she has volunteered. Nia-Nia, her four year-old grand-daughter, daily checks on her strawberry plant, apple tree and the “Fairy Garden”.

Salford Mayor Paul Dennett visits the garden

Moving into Spring, the daffodils are nodding in the wind, the tulips are tooting to the heavens, and everything is waking up and growing, including the veg AND the volunteers!

Moving forwards, Salford City Council has been in contact with the landowner and hopefully, by the next update, Langworthy Community Garden will be a legitimate organisation so hopefully no more Car Boot sales on cold, wet and dark mornings!

Learn more about the Langworthy Community Garden project here.


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