Retirement does not have to mean game, set and match

Tennis enthusiasts are showing how they are smashing retirement and our reporter, Lesley Downing, joined players from the senior’s group at Prestwich Cricket, Tennis and Bowling Club for a chat. Lesley joined the group when a match was in full swing, and the group were firing shots and insults at each other across the court with undiminished enthusiasm.

Phil Dodd , aged 66, has played tennis since he was 11, and is enjoying retirement as it gives him more time to play. He said: “It keeps me fit and we have a good laugh.”

Sid Bennett, aged 77, is the oldest player there and started playing at 50. He said: “Keeping score is less important now than enjoyment.”

Another player, Jeff Derbyshire, aged 68, often plays badminton in the morning and evening and tennis in the afternoon, and Dave Friend, 67, plays up to 5 times per week, having “slowed down” slightly from squash after having heart problems.

PHOTO: L – R: Jeff Derbyshire, 68, Dave Friend, 67, Phil Dodd, 66, Syd Bennett, 77, Dave Williams, 75, Dave Worsley, 66, Francis Hegg, 74, Bob Golding, 75


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