The Biggest Concerns When You Retire

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Everyone secretly wants to retire as soon as possible. Well, it’s not much of a secret, but it’s something most people are keen to bring about before they actually reach the retirement age. Still, most of us will end up retiring in our sixties, simply because that’s the way things seem to work. As such, many of you are either approaching retirement or have recently given up working life already. In either case, you’re probably a bit anxious about what lies ahead. 

This is perfectly normal – it’s a huge stage in everyone’s life! To help you prepare for what lies ahead, we’ll explore the biggest concerns you’re likely to face…

The work/life balance

When you work a full-time job, there’s always the struggle of balancing your job with your personal life. Ironically, when you retire, your work/life balance gets turned on its head. You have so much free time it can be overwhelming. A lot of retirees struggle because they no longer have the balance of a job to counter their free time. So, you need to think about how you can find the balance. This doesn’t mean getting a part-time job, it could mean finding hobbies that sort of simulate the balance. You have things to do during the day, then time to relax in the evenings!

Your parents

As you enter your sixties, your parents start to become big concerns. Clearly, you always care about them, but they’ll be at an age where you really need to think about their wellbeing. As harsh as it sounds, do you want to spend your retirement years caring for your parents full-time? Instead, it could be time to think about care home services for your parents, or finding domiciliary care services for them. In truth, this is a concern you should be thinking about when saving for retirement – it makes sense to have money saved to cover the costs of looking after your elderly parents in their final years. 


Speaking of saving for your retirement, money is obviously a big concern – maybe even the biggest concern of all! You must be sure that you have enough money saved up to fund your retirement. Ideally, you won’t need to work as your pension(s) will keep providing you with enough to live very comfortably. You could also consider selling your home and moving to somewhere more affordable, now that you no longer have a job tying you to one place. Nobody likes to think about money all the time, but it is genuinely something you need to consider. If it looks like you’re struggling for cash, you may need to go back to work or find some part-time employment. 

Ultimately, you should look forward to your retirement and welcome it with open arms. Still, don’t assume that life will be easy and free from any concerns. There are things to worry about, but once you’re aware of them, they’re easier for you to manage. Hopefully, the advice in this post will help you be prepared for retirement. 



DISCLAIMER: This article contains affiliate links. 



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