Will our local chippies survive?

How long can your local chippy stay in business?

Your local is currently facing increasing costs:

  • VAT went back up to 20 per cent on 1st April from 12.5 per cent
  • 40 per cent of cod comes from Russia and prices are going up weekly
  • 50 per cent of the sunflower oil is from Ukraine
  • Energy prices went up on 1st April
  • The minimum wage and National insurance are both increasing

Today there are about 8500 chippies in the UK, it is still the nation’s favourite take away.

The National Federation of Fish Friers think up to 3000 chippies could go in the next five years and large cod and chips could cost £13 very soon.

What is your favourite chippy and what is your favourite chippy tea? See the history of fish and chips here.

Three Greater Manchester chippies recently got recognised as amongst the best in the UK, check it out.

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